There are so many qualities that define a “Wonder Woman.”  It’s hard to pick just one!  This month, we are focusing on an inspirational entrepreneur who has figured out the formula for transforming an already successful life into the life of her dreams.  After nearly 30 years of leading her own human resources company, Kathy Rapp sold the company and completely pulled a career pivot.  She launched a brand new business based on a childhood dream:  Home by Red Door interior design and professional organization services.  

Kathy is such an inspiration.  We all love beautiful things, especially beautiful spaces, but she has the eye to make things beautiful and functional.  She has such a positive attitude all the time and brings a sense of calmness to what would otherwise be chaotic.  You can see and feel this not only in her work, which is stunning, but also in how she approaches each job and how she communicates.  I have nothing but the highest respect for Kathy and the work that she does.

Here’s a little more about Kathy and what inspires her to be a Wonder Woman.  And yes, her home is as beautiful as it is organized!

How did you get started?

I had the fortune of building, leading and then selling a HR professional services business prior to the founding of home by red door. After the integration work was complete, I knew I wanted to start another services business where I could continue to interact with people and use the creative side of my brain.

What’s your legacy?

Well, beyond creating long-lasting relationships with my clients, I would hope those who I’ve come across would remember me as a person who is all in. Whether it be with my family, friends, colleagues, projects or signing up to run a race – I’m going to give it my all.

What’s your greatest success?

So far, working in partnership with my husband to raise a confident, smart, kind and giving preteen girl.

What’s been your biggest challenge as a female entrepreneur?

My biggest challenge is continuing to be a successful working mom and wife, while remaining present for my family. 

Is there a defining moment in your life that led you here?

One of my childhood memories is writing down in a journal that I wanted to be an interior decorator. That career intention showed up years later in a high school essay about my future self. Fast forward 28 years of working in the human resources profession, and I merged my childhood vision and my organizing DNA to do what I always thought I would do.

What’s your favorite organizational tool?

(She laughs) Definitely my Lazy Susans!  They transform pantries!

Does your home need a little transformation? Kathy will be teaching a class on home organization on April 20, 2023.  Click here for a bit more information on how to register.

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