As an owner of a female-led small business, I am convinced that the ripple effect of women’s success contributes directly to our local economies and the communities they serve.  I am dedicated to creating a network of these up and coming entrepreneurs, and each month, I am highlighting their achievements and sharing their words of wisdom. 

This month, we chose Kim Powers as our Wonder Woman because she provides a vital service to small and mid-sized businesses.  Credit card processing can sometimes have a bad reputation, but Kim changes everything.  Customer service is her number one priority, and she takes great pride in taking care of her clients.  We just love that about her.

As an entrepreneur, Kim understands that the buck stops with her (no pun intended).  She works hard to build her clientele, and then she does everything in her power to ensure that her clients have an excellent experience with her.

Kim always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face.  She does not take herself too seriously but is focused on her business and her clients.  She is always there with fresh ideas to share.  Here are a few we would like to pass on to you!

What motivates Kim? 

"I love helping fellow small business owners.  Credit card processing is simple, yet complicated at the same time.  I specialize in one specific area of small business operations and that’s my expertise. I love teaching my merchants all the ins and outs and the deceptions to watch out for.  It’s an unregulated industry  so I am very passionate about helping my clients navigate the territory."

What’s Kim’s best piece of advice?

"A wise business owner once told me that networking is about getting to know people:  “You are farming.  You are not hunting.” There is a huge difference between the two.  I am dedicated to building relationships, not hunting for business.   I love talking to people and asking questions.  That’s the fun part.  I truly believe that people do business with people they know, trust and like."

What’s Kim’s key to work/life balance?

"You just do your best.  It’s different for every single family, working mom and business owner.  I try to divide my time equally and fairly among family members.  I’m very conscious of how much time is spent where."

Thank you, Kim Powers for being the amazing Wonder Woman you are and inspiring others to do the same!  You can connect with Kim on Facebook.

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